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India's first boot camp to make young entrepreneurs & innovators crowd fund ready

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Crowd Funding Initiator(CFI) is India's first boot camp dedicated to make young entrepreneurs & innovators crowd-fund ready.

Incentive Model

Learn the spine of Crowd-funding. Brainstorming session to devise ways to create an attractive incentive model for your project to inspire & motivate contributors.


At that end of boot camp, projects will be taken live to get Funding in a public event.


The session is dedicated to "Why You Do What You Do" &team building & bonding.

Pitch Presentation

Coming up with creative ideas is easy; selling them to strangers is hard. Hone your skills for that perfect pitch to make everyone stand up and take note of you.

Gujarat Technological University

Gujarat Technological University


Student Start-up Support System

about us

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  • What is Crowdfunding?

What: Crowd-funding initiator, a summer boot camp, being organized with the support of Start51, an indigenous crowd-funding platform.

Why: Crowd-funding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. More than 90% of student start-ups, based on good ideas and prototypes, die a premature death despite having a huge potential. Most of them also suffer from incomplete market research. Crowd-funding permits the use of the connected world as a market research tool for innovative ventures, which want to find their target consumers. By using crowd-funding a budding entrepreneur can market the concept to numerous stakeholders, can get insightful inputs from them and can obtain help in product validation. In addition, of course, Crowd-funding can help raise funds during the crucial phase of product development.

How: The month long module will include focused sessions with industry experts, case studies, mentor session and hands-on-exercise on different aspects of crowd-funding with selected finalists. At the end of the programme, all the selected finalists will go live on a dedicated crowd-funding platforms and not only learn how to get funded but "do-it themselves". Also a mega public launch of crowd-funding projects in Gujarat will be attempted.

Crowd funding is a process in which a ‘crowd’ (or backers) funds an initiative or a project for its completion and makes it possible for that initiative to actually take place in the market. This is usually an online process.

The initiative could be a non-profit campaign (e.g. to raise funds for a school or social service organization), a political campaign (to support a candidate or political party), a charitable campaign (e.g. emergency funds for an ill person or to fund a critical operation), a commercial campaign (e.g. to create and sell a new product) or a financing campaign for a start-up company.

Process: The Crowd Funding is an easy process. It takes place in following order:
1. The person has an idea and he/she is very much clear about it.
2. The person may have a prototype or he/she has done a series of experiments so that he/she is sure about the initiative to be a success.
3. The person then sets a targeted amount which will help the initiative to be reality
4. Person sets some Rewards/Incentives through which the backer(the one who does funding or backing up the project) will get the value for his/her money
5. The person then makes a video presentation for a greater impact on public and to totally explain the product. (After all, people usually see the video before reading the description!)
6. Person then submits his/her project to a crowd funding website (e.g. Start51) which will help the initiative to reach out the world.
7. Person then collects the money from the humble and angel like contributors
8. And finally, after the success of the initiative, the contributors should get their rewards!!


Some figures, which you might be interested in!

Amount Raisedfrom all contributors
Media Articles Publishedof CFI 1
Number of Contributorsin CFI 1

CFI 100

What: Crowd-Funding is a method, which was used successfully by some of the young entrepreneurs, at GTU, to get pre-seed funding for their projects last year. These young entrepreneurs had prepared their material, including a video, for getting pre-seed funds through Crowd-Funding, at two boot-camps –CFI 1 and CFI 2- organized by GTU’s Student Start-up Support System (S4) with the support of Start51 This year, CFI 100, a summer boot camp will be organized at Gujarat Technological University to train 100 potential entrepreneurs and innovators. This is an endeavor towards creating preseed support for early stage innovations. Such innovations will contribute towards the "Make in India" campaign of our nation.

Why: More than fourteen thousand teams are doing their final year projects in the academic year 2014-15 at the undergraduate engineering program of Gujarat Technological University (GTU). We have noticed that many of the teams are aspiring to build their final year projects into products, but hardly a few of them has access to grants, Angel support or other such funding mechanisms. In such a scenario there is a possibility that most of these projects will remain on the shelf at prototype stage without getting traction from their users.

By using Crowd-Funding a budding entrepreneur can market the concept to numerous stakeholders, can get insightful inputs from them and can obtain help in product validation. In addition, of course, Crowd-funding can help raise funds during the crucial phase of product development.

How: Each 10 day module will include focused sessions with industry experts, case studies, mentor sessions and hands-on-exercise on different aspects of crowdfunding with selected finalists.

the awesome team

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  • Ateet Bajaj

    Ateet BajajFounder, Start51

    Core Member

  • Kumar Manish

    Kumar ManishCampaigner at Strategies & Smiles and Co-founder, Urban Voices

    Core Member

  • Yash Saxena

    Yash SaxenaFounder, OpenFuel

    Core Member

  • Sohil Patel

    Sohil PatelCo-Founder, Printajoy


  • Ritesh Ambastha

    Ritesh AmbasthaFounder, IWillStudy.com


  • Rocky Mulchandani

    Rocky MulchandaniCo-Founder, Veineforce


  • Aditi Gupta

    Aditi GuptaCo-Founder, Menstrupedia


  • Henry Skup

    Henry SkupFabLab CEPT


  • Vipul Patel

    Vipul PatelCIIE


  • Mainak Bhattacharya

    Mainak BhattacharyaCIIE


  • Kalp Bhatt

    Kalp BhattResearch Intern, GIC


Success Story

Some of the Success from our CFI 1.

Studentdesk Book exchange portal

Student Desk, a book exchange portal by Bhuj based Karan Pujara raised Rs 1.44 lakhs after attending CFI. On the student desk platform, students can buy, sell, exchange, rent or donate their books, magazines or any study material online within their city/institute. The concept behind it is that it will help students to buy/sell their books in economic rates and also help needy ones who do not have enough money to buy books on their own.

 Sign Speaks Interpreting app

Sign Speaks, a interpreting app to communicate with differently abled individuals, brainchild of Kinjal Chaudhari, raised over Rs 1.56 lakh through the crowd funding.


Total 12 days of training is covered in CFI2

Day 1 : Problem solving start-up CFI module 1 canvas

This session will start with defining the start up idea and its problem solving attitude; also a brief on what is Crowdfunding? And how it works?

Day 2 : How to start branding on the internet? : Social Media Canvas

One session will be of Social Media which helps Project creators to define the path of marketing and basic branding techniques for the powerful social media and internet.

Day 3 : Resources what a start-up has and what they need : CFI module 1 canvas

What are the Factors affecting the ideas in becoming the startups; what are the resources required (from money to expertise) through case studies of various startups.

Day 4 : what should the crowd get? : Reward model canvas

Separate sessions explaining “What is Reward and how it is essential for successful crowd funding”? This session will include hands-on exercise of market research and feedback.

Day 5 : How to price your rewards? : Reward model canvas

Creating rewards for their particular project all participating teams will form their rewards and do a pricing survey of what they are going to offer to the crowd

Day 6 : How to present your idea? : Video canvas + scripting

What to tell and how to tell is a very important learning, which shall be provided while helping each team to script their presentation before going ahead and making a video, also taking them through internationally successful crowdfunding videos to help them write their own scripts

Day 7 : What to say in video? :Video canvas + Shooting

A special session on how to shoot a video of the project by covering all the important aspects to be told to the viewers who are direct or indirect beneficiaries by an Expert videographer.

Day 8 : Let’s shoot video : Shooting video

A team of videographers will handhold each participating team in shooting their videos via interviews and play enacting. These videos can also be used as an advertising campaign for these startups.

Day 9 : Effects in Video : Editing video

Once the shooting is over a team of trained editors will help in editing, finishing and adding special effects to the videos which should ideally be of one to two minutes

Day 10 : Network time and how to reach the crowd? : Social media canvas

Exclusive Network session will be conducted by the experts who will also teach them word play and power of infographics while thinking of social media beyond Facebook and twitter by including compulsory learning of LinkedIn, blogging and G+

Day 11 : Go Live for Funding : Launch + PR (power of media)

Press will be invited for interview of project creators thus giving them an exposure to the crowd for a maximum reach and sharing their stories with everyone.

Day 12 : Speeches and Momentums : Pitch day and certification

A celebration with honorary guests and invitees to mark the launch of the startups and appreciation of the organizing team


Crowd funding initiator has been published in numerous newspapers. Here are some of the awesome articles about what media says about us!


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